Micro-perforated Panel Absorber

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Micro-perforated Panel Absorber

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The high-efficiency sound-absorbing decorative panel product adopts the concept of micro-hole sound absorption. The micro-wave structure on the surface of the micro-hole changes the transmission path under the ingenious arrangement of the crucible and the rib, and absorbs a large number of particles to hit the energy, while the micro-pore in the trough is also inclined by the air particles. The velocity difference caused by the micro-hole acoustic impedance effect causes the particles to squeeze and rub and the kinetic energy is lost due to penetration. The remaining energy particles after the penetration also produce particle viscous effect and diffusion in the cavity co-seismic due to the back "geometric surface". Interference, allowing the acoustic energy to attenuate energy in the cavity resonance to obtain a good sound absorption effect.

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Product description
Product performance:
The Sama high-efficiency sound-absorbing decorative board is a resonant sound-absorbing structure composed of a thin plate with a perforation diameter of less than 0.1 mm and a rear cavity of the plate. The material itself has the characteristics of sound absorption, and the solid back surface does not need to be attached with any sound absorbing material, and the sound absorption is sound-absorbing. The effect is very good.
The Shanma high-efficiency sound-absorbing decorative panel has the widest sound absorption band. It is a full-frequency absorption feature that can reduce low, medium and high frequency sound energy by controlling the thickness of the air layer behind it.
Shanma high-efficiency sound-absorbing decorative board with a thickness of 1.0mm and a processing hole height of less than 0.1mm can prevent water droplets from dripping and oozing after condensation in the air-conditioning pipeline, and proof of impermeability, the punching rate should be less than 1%.
The surface of the aluminum plate is coated with special self-cleaning fluorocarbon paint (PTFE) and powder, and does not block its micropores. Shanma high-efficiency sound-absorbing decorative board is light, non-toxic, fireproof, waterproof, salt-resistant, dust-proof, broadband sound absorption, high stain resistance, long service life, high electromagnetic shielding, color change and easy High performance sound absorbing material for cutting.
The products are mainly used in places with high temperature, high humidity, ultra-clean, dust-free space and high-speed airflow. Such as: subway, tunnel, nuclear power plant, stadium, swimming pool, hospital, commercial office building, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, electronics factory, air conditioning silencer ventilation box, transportation tools, indoor and outdoor sound-absorbing walls, auditorium, architectural acoustic design and location ( Echo and noise control)...etc.